Your partner as legal real estate agency, for all your investments and vacations in southern Transdanubia, the sunny thermal and holiday region of Hungary
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You are interested in purchasing a real estate in Hungary We pick those objects according to your wishes in our program, inform you objectively and completely (also over possible disadvantages, as far as we know).
You decided to visit one or more objects We organise first your accommodation (according to our experience  it is not  done within one day), and then we schedule the  selected  objects and accompany you on the visitation route. Locally we inform you again extensively about the appropriate houses.
 You decided for a certain house We organise a lawyer appointment for you, accompany you there naturally and lead in your order all necessary negotiations (as far as needed). In particular we pay attention to the deed, which can be kept from the land registration office only directly before the lawyer appointment (the documents from the land register has a time-limited validity only).
How to sign a sales and purchase contract? For certification of a contract on real estate a lawyer needed in Hungary. A notary will only be needed in case of applying for permission, he will make a copy of your passport and testify it as true copy. All terms of the contract will be translated for you, so you don't need to sign the contract in blind trust!
Where do you pay the purchase price? You will pay the purchase price to the lawyer's deposit account. This also can be done after signing the contract! You should not pay the total purchase price to the seller or even to a real estate agent. In case you need the permission for non-EEA nationals or in any purchase of agricultural real estate please pay the total purchase price after receiving the permission only! You can transfer the purchase price onto the deposit account of the lawyer or pay it cash to the lawyer's the bank (for cash transactions you will need your passport). The charges for bank transfer are significantly lower than the difference in exchange rates when exchanging cash!
What happens after the sales contract? As first step the lawyer will block the deed at the land registration office against other transactions. In some cases the lawyer makes in your name a pre-payment to the seller. This is noted in the sales contract of course. The Hungarian right demands that this pre-payment purges, if the buyer withdraws from the contract. If the seller whould withdraw, he must refund the pre-payment twice to the buyer. Besides this with a contract you can ask the court to act on behalf of the vendor if he does not cooperate, but this is impossible in case of a pre-contract! The lawyer obtains now the permission, which is prescribed for the acquisition of this type of real estate. Today these are purchases of agricultural ground and purchases by any nationals not beeing EU, EEA or Swiss. After getting the permissions needed the lawyer pays the (remaining part of the) purchase price to the seller and applies for the correction of the deed.
In principle: Secure your money: payments should be made exclusively to the deposit account of the lawyer! The costs are low and a possible total loss is worse any way. In our service packages this service is already included. Paying the purchase price to the real estate agent is in Hungary as silly as in every other country, but a lot of foreigners orientated agents often enough want to receive the entire purchase price. About the question how many real estate agents were unable or unwilling to pay the money to the seller no figures are known.
Which security do you have? The system of land registration is similar to that in other continental European countries, hold in a state run public register. Further the state guarantees the investments of foreign private persons and companies as well.
Where the deeds are kept? The Hungarian State only hands out copies of the deeds, the originals are kept at the land registration offices only.
Where and which you can buy as a foreigner Easy answer? See our real estates on this site... For those who wants to know more details: click here.
Who will help you after the purchase? For us the service does not end with signature of the purchase contract. Completely the opposite is true, now we are at our beginning point. If you wish we plan together the construction work, look for an Hungarian architect and do the constructionwork, help you maintaining your house and property and much more. Briefly: everything that you hardly can do yourself, if you are not constantly in Hungary.
What are the taxes for my house in Hungary? The taxes in Hungary are quite different, but also quite easy. More information about we have collected for you here.
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Magyar Kúria Real Estate Limited with office in Várong, nearby the thermal bath of Igal in Hungary, looks at herself not as real estate agent only, but mostly as service enterprise around the subject real estate, it doesn't matter whether used or for construction of your house or vacation-home, on your own or a by us purchased property, as a vacation-house, or for living there. On behalf a house in the tourist centres, as for example Siófok at Lake Balaton we can offer you your own farmhouse in a for village tourism interesting settlements, or just a townhouse in Kaposvár, Pécs or other towns. We will help you with your cure or vacation and also if you plan to invest between Balaton and Drava, we work for you in the komitats Somogy, Tolna and Baranya. For all questions you can contact our customers service.